Schexnayder Acadian Foods | Authentic Cajun Cuisine

Gourmet Cajun Spices & Hot Sauces

    • Schexnayder’s Cajun Spice
    • A unique, but basic blend of truly natural Cajun Creole spices. This concoction will complement fish, fowl, meat or vegetables. Just sprinkle it on to get that great Cajun Creole flavor! (7oz shaker top)
    • Schexnayder’s Creole Gumbo Base
    • Our Creole Gumbo base is filled with the savory tastes of bayou country – just add the meat and/or seafood of your choice, and in less than 30 minutes this mouth-watering recipe will be yours! (Serves 8)
    • Schexnayder’s Creole or Cajun Jambalaya
    • The magnificent flavors of carefully selected spices are blended for that authentic South Louisiana taste. Both jambalayas have rice and the Creole version has a touch of tomato. Just add your meat or seafood and enjoy a taste of the bayou in less than 30 min. (8oz pack)
    • Schexnayder’s Cajun Seasoned Fish Fry
    • Starting with spices and herds that have been kept a family secret for generations, our Cajun Fish Fry works equally well with all type of seafood or vegetables. Guaranteed to make you King of the Seafood. (10oz pack)
    • Schexnayder’s Hickory Smoke Flavoring Oil
    • The perfectly natural way to get that hearty, hickory smoked flavor without the wait or mess. Add a few drops to beans, soups, gumbos, meats or gravies and get all your recipes “smokin” good! (4oz bottle)
    • Jalapeno Pepper Sauce
    • Not too Hot, Not too Mild! Our Jalapeno Pepper Sauce provides just the right blend of jalapeno peppers and spices!
    • Cayenne Garlic Pepper Sauce
    • For all you garlic lovers out there! Our Cayenne Garlic Pepper Sauce combines the wonderful spice of cayenne peppers with an incredible garlic taste!
    • Habenero Pepper Sauce
    • If you’re looking to spice things up a bit then our Habenero Pepper Sauce is just what you need. A great combination of heat and flavor that is sure to spice things up!


South Louisiana Hurricane Sauce & Bayou Basting Sauce

  • South Louisiana Hurricane Sauce:

We blend all the fresh ingredients in just the right way to give our South Louisiana Hurricane Sauce the perfect combination to accent any dish. Give your salads or po-boys that Zing!! Tastes great with Seafood! Also makes a great dipping sauce for fresh or smoked sausages, Andouille, or finger foods!

  • Bayou Basting Sauce:
By combining Louisiana spices and our secret ingredients to achieve the ideal balance of sweet & spice, this South Louisiana based BBQ sauce is one of a kind.  This perfect accent to your beef, poultry, or pork items is sure to make you a Grill Master!



    • We specialize in Old Cajun Style Andouille, Smoked Sausages and a variety of fresh sausages.
    • Smoked Sausages:
      • • Andouille
      • • Pork Smoked Sausage
      • • Alligator Smoked Sausage
      • • Venison Smoked Sausage
    • Fresh Sausages:
      • • Creole Pork Sausage: Green Onion (Mild or Hot), Italian, Breakfast
      • • Jalapeno Mozzarella
      • • Sun Dried Tomato w/ Basil & Parmesan
      • • Mardi Gras (Purple Onions, Green & Gold Bell Peppers)
      • • Bacon Cheddar
      • • Chicken Apricot
      • Game Sausages :

        • • Alligator
        • • Farm Raised Duck
        • • Farm Raised Venison
        • • Farm Raised Rabbit
      • Seafood Sausages:
        • • Shrimp w/Pork
        • • Crawfish w/Pork


Rotisserie Smoked Meats

    • Our Schexnayder’s River Rub, Pecan Wood and our Rotisserie Smokers provide for a delicious authentic smoke flavor.
      • • Forget Texas Beef Brisket
      • • Beef Roast
      • • St. Louis Pork Ribs
      • • Pork Chops (Plain or Sausage Stuffed)
      • • Pork Roasts
      • • Pulled Pork
      • • Cote Des Allemands Ham (Andouille Stuffed Ham)
      • • Pork Tenderloin
      • • Cochon De Lait
      • • Whole Smoked Chickens
      • • Smoked Chicken Pieces (Quarters, Legs, Wings)
      • • Whole Smoked Turkeys
      • • Smoked Turkey Legs
      • • Whole Smoked Ducks


Specialty Items

    • • Cote Des Allemands Ham – A Boston Butt that we debone, cure, stuff with our Andouille and smoke.
    • • Andouille Loaf – Our Andouille smoked in a loaf form. No casing, perfect for sandwiches, crackers, beans or gumbo.
    • • Crawfish Pies
    • • Italian Olive Salad
    • • Beef Jerky
    • • Hogs Head Cheese (Mild or Hot)


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"I blend all the fresh ingredients in just the right way to give my South Louisiana Hurricane Sauce© just the right combination of flavors to accent any dish. Give your salads or po-boys that zing !! Taste great on Seafoods. Also makes a great dipping sauce for Smoked Sausage, Andouille, or finger foods, it will blow you away! - Chef Wayne Schexnayder, Jr.