Create Authentic Cajun Cuisine right in your own kitchen
likeThe Cajun Holy Trinity

Creole or Cajun Jambalaya
and Cajun Seasoned Fish Fry
The heavenly flavors of carefully selected spices are blended for the authentic South Louisiana taste. Both Jambalayas have rice and Creole versions have a touch of tomato. Serves 6 hungry cajuns (or Non-Cajuns alike) 8oz. pak $ 2.75. Starting with spices and herbs that have been kept a family secert for generations, Schex's Fish Fry works equally well with all types of seafood or vegetables. Guaranteed to make you King of the Seafood.
(10 oz pack) $ 1.95

New Orleans Style
Red Beans with Rice
and Creole Gumbo
Two of New Orleans' perennial favorites share the spotlight in Chef Wayne's kitchen
and now these stars can be yours, too! Our Red Beans with Rice is a classic, typically
served on Monday in all of New Orleans' best traditional restaurants. And our Creole
is filled with the savory tastes of Bayou Country - just add the meat and/or seafood
of your choice, and both of these mouth watering recipes will be yours in less than
30 minutes! Serves 8 / 8 oz. package $2.75
2.5lb Party Pak $ 9.95
Cajun Spice (R)

A unique, but basic blend of truly natural Cajun Creole spices. This concoction will complement fish, fowl, meat or vegetables. Just sprinkle it on to get that great Cajun Creole flavor.
7oz Plastic bottle with shaker top. $ 2.75
Hickory Smoke Flavoring Oil
The perfect natural way to get that hearty, hickory smoked flavor without the wait or the mess. Add a few drops to beans, soups, gumbos, meats or gravies and get all your recipes "Smokin'" good!
4 ounce bottle $ 3.95

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